Guerrilla brewing... Sounds dangerous

More dangerous than fronting up to a bear?

Guerrilla style brewing is a a fun way to share the love. The love of hand-crafted, organic bear. Oops, I mean beer. It's kinda like a pop-up brewery just for your taste buds. Combining our love for interesting beer, sustainability and travelling to the far corners of the earth, we bring delightful artisan beer to remote places for your drinking pleasure.

Meet our lovely young hops

C'mon, don't be shy... They don't bite. much.

Here at Futa Brew, sustainability is important to us. We source locally. We source ethically. We sauce tastitly.

Go Home Fu, You're Drunk

Just Kidding - we drink responsibily round here


Which may or may not be useful

On the road

Being Guerrilla brewers, we're on the road a lot. We get lonely. We think you should join us for some tasty, artisan beer.

Hello Captain

Saddle up and ducky down - you're in for a bumpy ride. If you locate the steering wheel on this ship, please be sure to let your Captain know.

Driving here

Nope. That's not how it works. You need to spread your wings and fly. Unless you live locally, in which case you're in luck - the bar is open.

i Robot

"But I don't like beer". We think you do, you just don't know it yet. Let your tastebuds realise their full potential.

The Brewhouse

Our pride and joy. Not only is the beer hand-crafted but so is our Brewhouse.

The Golden Pint

Our Golden Pint is on special for $3,600. We'll even throw in a 9 day all inclusive white-water rafting trip at the most awesome place in the world.


For the voyeurs... we know you want to look.

Tell Everyone

Tell all of the peoples. Shout it from the rooftops. Free beer for shouting

Fu Man Too? Where the hell are you?

It's all in the wrist