Felix Stout


About Felix

Ah, Felix Stout, how I long for you, your silkly mouthfeel, your notes of chocolate and hints of coffee, your long dark legs and intoxicating touch…it might be that last one that gave Felix Stout its name. Late in the 2013-2014 rafting season, when the guides were exhausted and already not thinking clearly, I rolled out this yet unnamed stout for something a little different. The timing was right. The rains had started again and summer suddenly felt like a Northern California winter. A nice hearty beer sounded like just the thing to get the crew motivated again. At 7.5% alcohol, though, it was almost twice as strong as what we’d been drinking, and it’s not clear that little tidbit of information made very far that day. By the end night of the night, 35 liters of beer had been consumed, one company truck was stuck in the mud and another, called Felix, had been rolled down an embankment. Fortunately, only Felix was injured. And of course, in the mental fog of the next morning, we decided that our previous evening’s downfall would henceforth be called Felix Stout

  • Tasting notes
  • Stout
  • 7.5%
  • Choclately
  • Delicious